Institute for Higher Education Research
1146 - Hungary, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.
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Regional Research Group
Tertiary education is bound to place and community, which is why the geographic distribution and changes in social demand for tertiary education are observed. An analysis is carried out of those who would like to continue their studies, and what kind of programmes and where they look to continue their studies. Another factor is what the educational level and attainment of a certain location's social community (the population of a settlement, of a part of a settlement, of a certain region) is like, how it was formed, and also what the foreseeable tendencies are. Special attention is paid to certain minorities, thus to gipsy/Romani communities. The other area observed is the relationship between social and economic demand for tertiary education, the training supply, and the regional distribution of the latter. What kind of tertiary educational programmes are available? How is the stucture of tertiary education changing? There is particular interest in new forms of tertiary education resulting from either local or regional initiatives (e.g local colleges, or regional universities), because they are seen as future forms of the changing of tertiary education.

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