Institute for Higher Education Research
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Education Sociology Group
For decades the researchers belonging to this group have been carrying out empirical surveys on how the Hungarian education system works, how secondary education has changed, and how education opportunities of the socially disadvantaged youngsters, amongst them Romany children, have changed. Owing to the different age groups that researchers belong to and to their different interests, there is a compehensive overview covering the questions of the relationship between labour market and training/professional training, participation in adult education, training outside formal education, or lifelong learning. In the last couple of years analyses have been made based on empirical surveys on distance learning, e-learning, and on usage of ICT in schools, and on informal learning. Reports have been assessed for many international organizations on the situation of adult education, on the characteristic features of the transition from leaving school to entry into the labour market, as well as on the challenges facing the Hungarian teacher training .

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